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You were actually watching Justice... InJustice is/was on Seven and stars that guy with the can-opener chin who is also on D.Housewives.

Thanks I changed the topic so as to not mislead anyone with me recommending a show on seven to have the best HD quality.


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Actually, 12 episodes of 'Justice' were broadcast. The 13th episode is yet to be broadcast.

ummm.. justice has been cancelled i hope you know that :ph34r:

to quote from mediaspy.org

CHANNEL 9's status as the No.1 network looks shaky, with nine of its US shows axed and a weaker sports schedule set to dent ratings this year.

The latest shows cancelled in the US which Nine were hoping would prove ratings success stories once the local TV ratings war begins on February 11, include dramas Kidnapped and Justice, reports TV writer, Stephen Downie.

Kidnapped, which Nine is still promoting in its 2007 line-up, lasted just five episodes in the US before being deleted due to poor ratings.

Meanwhile, legal drama, Justice, was canned after 12 episodes.

A Nine spokeswoman said, at this stage, the network planned to air episodes of both series.

Other US shows already dropped include Smith, which starred Aussie Simon Baker, Runaway, The Nine and comedies Big Day Happy Hour, Help Me Help You and 'Til Death.

:ph34r: :ph34r: there goes a few hd programs

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For me that damned wobbly camera technique is one of the most annoying things in various programs lately. Numerous TV shows including docu's have taken this multi-wobbly-camera technique and run with it ... literally. I guess when it was dreamed up it seemed like a great way to involve the viewer - sort of as seen through the eyes of a participant jumping about for a better view and we're all familiar with helmet-cam. Using it throughout and indiscriminantly though is damned annoying. In some cheaper docu's it lets editors pad out the content too - half the footage can be repeated with it sped up, clipped and jolted so much that you're not quite sure what micro clips you've seen already.

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