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Loewe Planus 4781 - Input Issues

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me with some issues I have with a Loewe CRT TV. I'm setting this up for the Inlaws, so I only have 24 hours or so to get it done...

The setup is a Strong STB, Foxtel IQ and a Panasonic HDD DVD-R. Previously connected via SCART to the three SCART inputs on the back.

- The only original issue was the TV not staying in 16:9 mode and always reverting back to "Pan" after being powered off. This seems to be a common issue, and there is a low level fix documented elsewhere in the forums if you don't mind messing in the service menu. :D

While I was here I set up a surround sound system with a Yamaha AV Amp, and 7.1 speakers. Unfortunately, in order to take advantage of the AV switching offered by the amp I need to convert everything to either Component, S-Video or Composite as SCART isn't supported.

- Despite what I first thought, Component appears to not be an option, as the SCART/RGB input 2 doesn't appear to be the same thing as Component (a SCART to Component cable doesn't work at all).

- Unfortunately the AV Amp only supports video conversion upward, so if I connect the TV via S-Video, I can't connect any of the components via Composite :blink:

- S-Video would seem to be the best of a bad bunch. Unfortunately, when I connect S-Video, either via the front panel S-Video port, or via a SCART component adapter to either SCART 1 or 2 at the back, I get a really crap picture, with wavy lines running at 45 degress and poor colours. This happens with every component. I have tried connecting this directly to the TV from the Foxtel box via S-Video, to eliminate the AV Amp from the equation. I have also tried all the options in the Loewe menus (don't get me started how much I hate those)

- Connecting the AV Amp to the TV via Composite seems to have the same issues.

Does anyone have any similar experience with this type of TV? Are people running anything other than SCART? Could this just be poor quality S-Video cables (they are the cheaper ones from JB Hifi - not Monster-type cables, but not budget ones)

Does anyone have a service manual for these? The Loewe website ultra sucks. It just gives you a web-form to submit an enquiry.

Tomorrow I'll try turning everything off to eliminate anything that could be interfering, and move the speakers away (since it is a CRT). I'll also disconnect the Foxtel cable incase I am getting some sort of mains hum or other interference.

Any and all other suggestions would be appreciated!



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How many Scarts does it have. If there are 3, AV3 (i think) should accept component.

You will need to set the input to YUV in one of the menus as well.


Thanks for the prompt reply Ben.

Argh! There is a 3rd SCART and it is the only one I haven't tried. It is labelled identically in the menu, but it does have more options, including "YUC (Sync from CVBS)" and "YUV (Sunc from Y). Is that Component? If it is, what sort of cable would I need? I have a SCART to Component (RGB coloured RCAs) but I think the cables differ depending on what direction the signal is going (not sure how to tell).

Also, no idea what the other options are like "YC" and "CVBS" etc.

Do you know if the annoying aspect ratio problems go away with component?

Also, found that I can get an almost perfect picture on S-Video with some very expensive S-Video cables (ouch). Never noticed it making that much of a difference before... could be something to do with the transmitting station they have a few hundred metres away.


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Well the Loewe tech guy was pretty much hopeless. Answering a few questions half right. The answer to the random aspect ratio changing "feature" was that it was working as designed. He wouldn't talk to me about the service menu fix as it was documented "in the service manual, which we don't give out".

Gee thanks.

Doubt I would ever buy a Loewe - not that I would have ever bought one in the first place.

All running on S-Video with high quality cables now. I think I can technically do Component on the third AV input (thanks Ben!) but don't think I would bother as it's widely acknowledged that the TV down converts to S-Video internally anyway. (Although the Loewe tech denied it)


Just for future reference for any forum searchers...

Setting the Planus to remember the aspect ratio setting after power off (eg 16:9)

///Warning when in service mode it is possible to screw your TV up\\\

1) To enter the service menu press the button with the circle and a arrow on the front of the Loewe Plexus TV ( next to the '+ & -' buttons) cycle round to the service option is highlighted. When the service option is highlighted, press the M button on the remote control 1 second. This will lead to the service menu being shown.

2) Select option "Bytes" and change byte 3, bit 0 from "0" to "1"

3, Press E to exit this menu. The picture format will now be stored between power off.

Worked for me anyway.


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