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Dse 50w Weatherproof Speakers (cat No. A3098)

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Picked up a pair of these today for $35 and I'm quite impressed. Sound quality isn't brilliant as you'd expect, bass is somewhat boomy and the cabinets are plastic so they do resonate a bit. However they are quite reasonable and would do in situations where you just want some music, they also went lower than I'd expected them to given they only have a 4" mid/bass driver and for $35 it's hard to complain.

Tried to pull them to pieces to see exactly what is in them but all I could manage to remove was the speaker terminal section as the rest seems to be sealed even when I removed the screws. However looking in the back I can see there is some acoustic absorbent material in there.

They are a bass reflex design with a couple of ports at the front so you wouldn't want to put them anywhere they would get direct rain, but anywhere else they should be fine.

So for anyone looking for some cheap 'outdoor' speakers they come recommended from me (assuming they are still working in 12 months time :blink: )

They are marked as limited stock and where I got them from they were the last pair, so if you are interested you should probably do something soonish.

If you were looking for something to provide sound outside 3 pairs of these plus their 5.1 amp (25W x 5 + 50W x 1) could be quite a good solution.

Any questions feel free to ask :D

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