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Blu-ray "porngate" Ends

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Blu-ray "PornGate" Ends with the Return of 'Debbie Does Dallas'

Mon Jan 22, 2007 at 03:19 PM ET

Despite reports of a covert operation by Blu-ray backers to banish porn from the format, it seems a '70s adult superheroine has come to the rescue, with the official announcement of Vivid Entertainment's 'Debbie Does Dallas...Again' on Blu-ray.

. . . .

Though full specs for 'Debbie Does Dallas...Again' have not yet been released, the title is set to include a full 1080p transfer, plus a feature that so far even mainstream studio releases haven't yet dared try -- multiple angles during select scenes. Ahem.

The title will also debut simultaneously on HD DVD, and list price for either version is $39.95.

Wherever one may stand on the moral line regarding adult content, we can only think this is good news for both Blu-ray and HD DVD. More content, regardless of genre, brings more eyeballs to high-def, and with porn a billions-a-year business, it's a market neither format can afford to exclude.

And in what we see as a nice little bit of postmodern irony, how fitting that the first Blu-ray adult title is also a sequel to the original 'Debbie Does Dallas,' which was not only one of porn's biggest hits in the '70s but responsible for helping to ensure the success of VHS over its rival -- the Sony Betamax.


Joone's announcement may have been pre-mature..... :blink:

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