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Denon Avr 1906, Pioneer 969avi, But No Dolby Or Dts

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Hi all - here is my issue.

I have a 5.1 speaker set up.

The set up is this.

Pioneer 969AVI running a HDMI cable to a projector.

Pioneer 969AVI running via optical to the Denon.

Denon running 5.1 speaker set up (FL and FR are large speakers, Center is medium/shelf, RL and RR are shelf speakers and the subwoofer is well a subwoofer)

Now doing a test tone on the Denon gets all the speakers.

However when do a Dolby or DTS test via the Dolby/DTS demo disc or playing any Dolby movie e.g. Fifth Element, no sound comes out of the RL or RR speakers (but does out of all the others).

The Denon shows Dolby and displays digital. It also shows DIRECT i.e. the sound source.

What are the possible problems or what I am doing wrong?

Your comments appreciated

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Apologies fellas - I have a 2105. The auto part did the trick though. Thanks for the help. Strange way Denon do there set-up. I find my older Pioneer 811S simpler to use, but then again it has less features.

Beauty, another DTV forum success :blink:

p.s. make sure you go thorugh all your inputs to set the video & audio to what you want

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Thanks for that - problem is I do not know how too.

The Denon manual is a tad complicated for me.

How do I set the optical input to DVD (Auto)?

I think he means assign an optical input to DVD, goto setup menu and look for 'digital in assignment' or something like that, set the dvd to whatever plaug you have connected eg. opt1, coax1 etc.


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