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How do i elminate or delete unused channels on my tele.

this tele has a built in tuner.

someone told me the signal strength will increase if i delete some channels.

when i i got it i scanned and if found shi* i will NEVER watch so is it my best intrest to delete this crap.

In Menu go to Digital Settings - Digital Tuning - Programme List Edit. Scroll to the channel you want to remove then select it - then confrm delete.

Personally I use the Favourite Menu to list just the channels I usually watch - so when you switch channels you just go through the favourites.

I have a question - I seem to have lost SBS from my digital channels - however it did originally find them during the Easy Setup. Is there a limit to the number of digital channels that can be stored (20?).

The manual doesn't make it clear how to manually add one single channel (SBS HD) to the list.

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I'm probably just too excited to use my brain properly, but how do I set up the Favourite List.

I have followed the directions in my Bravia W series manual and the best I can do, is bring up the Favourite List and switch between lists 1 and 2.

I cannot however see any channels in this list therefore not able to set up the Favourites please help a noob out.

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If its the same as the 06 X series, goto settings, then digital TV setup. Should allow you to customise a favorites list. I have 2 favorites lists... 1 with the most common channels in HD (and ABC2), the other with SD channels, in case something doesnt air on HD, or channel problems.

Dont go deleting channels, otherwise you will just have to rescan for them again one day.

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