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Look What I Bought

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I was on a mission to MSY slacks creek last weekend to pick up the parts to build a PC for a friend.

anyhow, standing at the checkout, I noticed a stack of blue boxes with MPEG-4 DivX DVD Player stamped on them.

Now, normally I'm a compulsive review reader/researcher when it comes to buying new gadgets, but our 10 year old Philips DVD player (cost $750 new) has given us sterling service but lately has been refusing to play some of the kids DVDs.

So, for the princely sum of $55, I picked up ....

A Maya DVD-402 Compact MPEG-4/Divx/DVD Player.

specs and a picture can be found here

Now this thing was not purchased to be the centerpiece of a $100K home theater.

It will serve its purpose keeping the kids entertained on an old 68cm in the back room.

Surprisingly, the picutre was as good, if not better, than that of the Philips, and as far as I can tell all of the advertised functionality actually works. DivX playback is a real bonus.

The box is also small, not much bigger than the Nintendo Wii that sits on top of it.

My only complaint would be the absolutely horrid white! remote.

So anyone that is in the market for a cheap but cheery dvd player with DivX payback functions, I can definitely recommend this unit.



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