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Thin Speaker Set... Which One?

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I have the JBL studio L series speakers as my surrounds and centre rear

the cost me $820 for the pair of L820's

the centre cost $720 for the LC2 I was going to use this speaker as my centre front as it is much better than what i do use, but it is tall at 35cm and doesnt look that great under the plasma....but i may change my mind yet.

These speakers are actually designed to be the mains and front centre, but i have them as surronds, which makes listening to music in 6 channel stereo great.

My only complaint of them is that they did distort one day when i had them set to large, and was playing ministry of sound CD quite loud... , set to small they do a great job for the same music, and are able to really convey surround sounds very well during sorround for HT.

They come with all wall mounting hardware, and make sure you pick a good stud to attach them to the small ones are ~9kg, and the centre is just over 13kg

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