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Hi Guys i think i might go with a krix setup

what are your views?

I think my view is pretty obvious.

If you have auditioned and compared to other brands of speakers and still like krix, go for them. I can't stress the importance of the audition and comparison enough.

What krix setup are you looking at?

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My opinion is pretty obvious too (check sig). I tested a few aussie brands and the B&Ws. For my tastes, and style of music the Krix were the winners.

Plus the customer service from Krix themselves is awesome

PS. Reason for the B&W sub is its sealed. I listen to a lot of 2ch so preferred the sealed subs of the ported ones (like krix, richtor etc).

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not sure what system as yet

maybe start with fronts lyricx or the apex and equinox as rears

or front and rears of kdx with a sub of what brand im not sure possible seismix 3

i just bought the dse 10 inch

want to try and do the bracing a read here somewhere but can seem to see any pic of how to brace it

ill just buy piece by piece

yeah their service is great ive been chatting via email with them and asking them to help me set up a decent

system for my place a small town house

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I'm very happy with the kdx front end I have for HT, and the seismix 3 mkII made a big difference. Current room is about 4.5x3.5m, so I'll have to see how they cope in the new 8x5 room in a few weeks - upgrading the AVR, but will have to see how the sub copes too....

Very accurate, but I'm still not convinced that they sound as nice for music as my old 2ch setup - but mainly using headphones for music these days.


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Hey Mate

I dont know what Krix units you are looking at. But if it helps here is a link to the new krix center the epicentrix and also it included a reveiw on the neuphonix as well.


and here


Call krix themselves and discuss your needs. Ask for Grant or Peter they are a great bunch of guys and some are scallywags :blink:


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I'm just a baby with 4x Krix XDX-M's and 1x KDX-C, had 'em for yonks and love them.



That's no baby dude, that is an awesome setup for 5.1, all speakers matched, output, volume, drivers. If only I had the cash to upgrade to the KDX M's!!!! :D:blink:

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