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What The ****? Anyone Have A Ps3 And A Bravia X Series Tv. Please Come In And Help

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I have the following setup:

Playstation 3

Bravia X series 40 inch.

I am running my PS3 via hdmi and in 1080p. Games look awesome BUT when it comes to Blu ray movies , especially XMEN 3 it looks really fuzzy or like it has alot of digital noise.

The movie runs in 1080p but has the problem mentioned above. The movie trailers downloaded from the ps store have the same problem. I have also tried the blu ray movies in lower resolutions but get exactly the same problem.

Anyone who has both a ps3 and bravia 1080p tv , can you please help or give me some tv settings that might fix this?

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Have you tried something other than X-Men 3? My understanding is that the source material is not great (due to the film stcck they used).

I know my 46X looks awesome with a HD-DVD (HD-E1), and the PS3 is supposed to be quite good as a blu-ray player, so I think it is likely the source (i.e. XMen 3).

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