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Recommended Tv Aerial Company?

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Guest Steven12

Give MR Antenna a blast.

I had them come out and gave me a free quote of 3 sockets + reloaction of antenna on the roof as mine was not in the best spot + recabling of exisiting cable as my old one was a thin and crappy quality cable.

I wasn't sure if i could trust them but i handed over my money in hope they will do a good job as when they came out to give me a quote the installer seemed to have the right equipment i.e digital testers, signal finders etc. He even took off hes shoes whenever he needed to come into my house and made sure my dogs didnt get out etc.

In the end all 3 sockets was installed, new digital antenna purchased from Jaycar and new cabling + relocation of Antenna + pole ofcourse + amp at Antenna end costed $600 all up. This price included all of the hardware except the amp as i already had the amp sitting there.

Reception works perfectly now. I am very happy with the installation so thumbs to the Mr Antenna installer that came out to my place.

I live in the western suburbs in Sydney.

Sounds simple enough. Probably a Jim's Antenna franchise in existance by now?


Peter Gillespie

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