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Pioneer 50-inch $6,499 - Pdp507xda, 42-inch $4,999

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I went into BingLee @ an inner west shop in Sydney today, I could have bought (ca$h) a 5080 with stand and under speakers for $4200 cash...?

Is there much diff between the LX and the DPP?

Hey Adam, whats the Pioneer your selling on Ebay? Is it NOS? Does it come with install etc? Do you work for Pioneer?

No I don't work for Pioneer. I originally negotiated some bulk buy pricing with a local retailer so I could give plasmas away to good clients of mine. I still had some LX508's left over so have been trying to flog them on eBay and on here. I have also listed all the other models that Pioneer provide at my bulk buy price if anyone is interested. I was trying to Auction off my old 507XDA which was 6 months old but eBay kept stuffing it up so I will sit on it for a few weeks before trying again. There is some other joker on there listing multiple fake pioneers which I have been reporting whenever I see them.

The current items I have on eBay are all new and come straight from Pioneer just like normal with install and delivery + warranty etc.

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