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Anyone Know About Toowoomba Network 10 DTT ?

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Just wondering when will network 10 be broadcasting sd/hd for Toowoomba area?

Autoscan I can get HD and SD for all incl. Network 7, Win, ABC QLD and SBS all at 95% strength.

Ive read that Ch10 hasnt started in Toowoomba on the main DBA site yet but I was wondering when/if it will be started.

Its kind of a pain seeing as Ch10 is my fav chan, any info/help would be appreciated.

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Toowoomba Television Translator Site Video Ave Mount Lofty City coverage only.

Analog 56 53 65 59 62

Digital ABDQ55 SBS67 RTQ64 STQ 58 TNQ 61 Spare 66, 68

All require a band 5 antenna

Darling Downs MT MOWBULLAN Regional transmitters

Analog 32 29 41 35 0

Digital ABDQ37 SBS49 STQ40 TNQ 34 RTQ 46 Spare 44, 47

Requires a band 4+ antenna

Check DBA site for startup dates or ring the network

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