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Sony KPFW51M31 RPTV Overscan

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I have a one week old Sony KPFW51M31 RPTV (130cm). I like everything except:

the 16:9 picture from my STB (Topfield PVR5000t) and DVD player is missing the top and bottom 1cm, and the left and right .5cm, of the image when displayed in 16:9 mode. If I set up to use 4:3 mode and use letterbox then I can see everything, but obviously that isn't why I bought the TV.

I rang the retailer and they said call Sony. Sony said I could get a refund/replacement, but gave me a service company to call anyway. The service guy came and had a look at it and said it was within normal parameters and wasn't very friendly/helpful and basically said what was I complaining about.

So, should I get a replacement, or will I just have the same problem on another unit? Any other owners out there have the same problem or can say that their TV is ok? Or am I being unreasonable in expecting the full image?

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G'day, I bought the same tele a few weeks ago and have the same issue with my Dgtec DG5000i. I had some techie's take it away for near on two weeks. Came back, same problem. I couldn't read the time splits at Bathurst in 16:9.

I thought it may be the STB as it seems to be dropping audio a lot these days...especially if I turn off a light in the house. But you've got me convinced it's the Sony.

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hi ozlooper ..

i know this is an old post .. but did you ever find a resolution the the overscan issue?

i heard it can be corrected from the service menu of the tv but I'm not sure how to access it?

cheers - neil

Yeah, I rented the service manual from High Country Service Data (http://www.hcsd.com.au). It took me about an hour to read though the manual; as it turned out much more than I needed to read. And then quite a while getting up the courage to make the change.

Actually improving it took about 5-10 minutes. It is still overscanned slightly, but you get to the point that the screen geometry has obvious changes. At least now I never see the Seven logo cut off at the bottom of the screen so I don't notice that I'm missing some picture.

If the technician that came had actually done it instead of complaining he could probably been out of the house in a couple of minutes.

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This overscan problem appears to be a Sony issue. When I did a search the problem kept popping up on various Sony Models ie KPFW series and the KVHR series. I've yet to see other brands mentioned with this problem.

Sony allow 10% overscan which is a bullshit amount. I've adjusted the overscan as you did, but realised that there is a large geometry issue near the corners of the screen. I assume that is why they have such large overscan. The Sony agent I dealt with probably wouldn't get reimbursed enough to warrant playing for hours to adjust the geometry, so it was easier to deny the problem existed. He gave all sorts of crap about the issue being with the broadcast signal. Funny that it only affect Sony.

After having set the TV up with bugger all overscan on my STB, when using other components ie XBOX360, the picture now has a bit of underscan where you can see the picture bow at the ends. When I can be fagged, I'll work out which creates the most underscan and set the TV up to suit that. I assume that means I'll have to put up with a smallish amount of overscan when using my STB. I've been told that this is due to slight timing differences between different inputs, ie DVD player/STB/XOBX360 etc. Maybe someone can tell me if that makes sense. :blink:

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