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Strong, we are still waiting!


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The last firmware to the flaking SRT5290 was at the beginning of this year.

We are still waiting for these faults to be fixed with the software:

a) Time shift function turning off after each recording

B) Not recording programs from the timer list

c) Rebooting when fast forwarding or rewinding

It ***HAS*** to be software because it works 90% of the time.

When can we expect to see these problems fixed?

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See this thread:

Strong 5290 Firmware Released ...

has info on where to download version 2.02 (games version only)

I have the non-games version so that's of no use to me.

I've just resigned to the fact that my Strong5290 can be thrown around to who ever wants to dabble in digital tv, but I make sure to tell them that the experience is far better than what you'd get on that device.

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After reading DavidR's post in this thread, I contacted Strong. New software for the non-games version dated October 2004 was provided straight away. I think that they are releasing it slowly in case any new issues are discovered. Fair enough. I can't tell you how pleased I was to receive it after thinking that we had all been abandoned!

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