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5390 to mp2 via avermedia card

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I have a Strong 5390 and a VCR connected to PC via Avermedia TV Studio card (both with latest drivers) using SVideo and RCA for Strong and co-ax for VCR.

Sound is great from Strong to A/V rec. but the mp2 soundstream created by the Aver is "pulsating", as is mp2 sound captured from VCR. Picture is great from both, and wav files captured from inbuilt FM tuner are also fine.

PC sound is on-board NForce2 (MSI Delta)., replacing SB-Live 5.1 from previous system (still available if needed!).

The PC is about 4 Metres from the Strong, the VCR is next to PC.

Could this be an Aver h/w problem, or should I try different audio? Here are recording defaults currently being used:

Format : MPEG-II


Format: MPEG-I Layer II

Sample Rate : 48kHz 16 bits Stereo

Bit Rate : 240Kbits/s


Video Size : 720*576

Frame Rate : 25.00

Bit Rate : 8000Kbits/s

Any thoughts, anyone?

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