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FusionHDTV records but doesn't write

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Here's a bug in FusionHDTV that I came across last night that I thought I'd let people here know so they won't make the same mistake as I did.


Despite the "Recording progress" dialog stating that a recording is taking place (complete with the moving elapsed time and percentage indicators) nothing is actually being written to the file system.

This can occur if the destination is not writable. FusionHDTV will pretend to record but nothing will be written.

It happened to me last night when I changed the path for the video capture directory to a different drive. Even though FusionHDTV confirmed that the missing directory had been created, another bug and another lack of error reporting--FusionHDTV cannot create a directory if the parent also doesn't exist and will silently ignore the problem--meant it wasn't created. There it was, merrily recording the show I'd told it to record, without the slightest hint of a problem (except maybe the HDD LED not flashing) and only later I find out it's recorded to nowhere.

I've sent a bug report to DVICO.

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