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HDTV news in the UK

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Good to see atleast in europe some moves to control whats called a HDTV - wish that'd happen here...

HD compatible displays have been defined by the European HD TV Forum as having a minimum physical vertical resolution of 720 lines which is either interlaced or progressive scan and have a digital interface of either HDMI or DVI. For more information about HDTV visit www.hdtvforum.org.

Interesting to see sky cable making HD movie promises - wish that'd happen here....

With Sky promising to broadcast HD films and sporting events in 2006, consumers need to understand that not all TVs and front projectors will be HD-compatible. Toshiba is one of the first manufacturers whose products will carry the official HDTV logo, helping reassure consumers that they are buying a TV that is capable of displaying High Definition TV.

This is good news for us given most of our hdtv is US based, some of it very crap TV, some shot very poorely and others in 4:3 #@!*

Hopefully with UK&europe getting going on HD we might have a bit more to choose from in products and progema material. The great thing with digital we no longer have the barriers of TV systems -PAL/NTSC etc to hold things back.


Intrestingly in the section under HDTV facts for audio coding they only talk of dolby digital 5.1 discrete audio - wish that'd happen here...rather than the crap DD2.0 we seem to get as a standard.


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