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Problems With Channel 99

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I am living in the Castle Cove/Roseville Chase area (next to Willoughby) and have never been able to receive the Channel 99 sound clearly (lots of snap, crackle and pop) though the picture is fine on my SD receiver. Apparently I am not the only one in this area with this problem. Spoke to Channel 9 who assured me that all their 99 problems have now been fixed. Does anyone have any ideas on who to contact in order for the problem to be resolved or better still - how to fix it? I have experienced the same problem on a TEAC DVB 300 and a DGTEC DH-2000B.

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From what I can tell its still a channel 9 issue, they are simply telling the STBs, when on the LCN99 to use the audio stream of LCN9 and some STBs can't do that. If you can get LCN9 properly then its not a reception problem since LCN99 is broadcast on the same frequency and on the same multiplex.


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Yay, maybe they finally read this forum? I have been saying what the problem has been for over 9 months now (regarding the PTS not matching).

I do remember it working for 2 weeks some time ago, but then Dodgytec and other STB owners were complaining that they *didn't* have sound suddenly for the VPG!!

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Who cares, it is the VPG channel, would be lucky to see it 2 min a day, but annoying with no sound none the less. It is certainly very mono sounding and worse than most MP3s, but again, who cares!

At least they have fixed it, and not stolen oodles of bandwidth that apparently HD is lacking in already!

(Although if they had of just managed to work out how to make the PTS for the VPG video the same as the normal SD channel Audio PTS, then the re-direct of the audio PID is a cool idea and uses the least bandwidth).


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-> Input File 0:  D:\storedtoppycaptures2\STINGERS-1.rec (14342144 bytes)
-> File is DVB/MPEG-2 TS (Video/Audio/TTX PES)
-> demux
-> Service ID 0x6
-> PMT 0x105 refers to these usable streams:
Video PIDs: 0x205
Audio PIDs: 0x2BC(eng)
Teletext PIDs:
Subpict. PIDs:

--> PID 0x11 (SDT) (6016 #24) -> ignored
ok> PID 0x2BC has PES-ID 0xC0 (MPEG Audio) (6768 #28) 
--> PID 0x105 (PMT) (10904 #50) -> ignored
--> PID 0x0 (PAT) (13348 #63) -> ignored
ok> PID 0x205 has PES-ID 0xEA (MPEG Video) (36472 #186) 
-> video basics: 720*576 @ 25fps @ 0.7031 (16:9) @ 10000000bps, vbvBuffer 112
-> starting export of video data @ GOP# 0

-> Video: fr/ ct/ 1p/ cg/ og/ dg -> 1738/ 1/ 145/ 145/ 0/ 0
-> Video length: 1738 frames @ 00:01:09.520
-> GOP summary: min. 20, max. 24 fields; contains interlaced & progressive frames
-> avg. nom. bitrate 1401522bps (min/max: 1180000/1683200)
-> set first sequenceheader bitrate to 1683200bps
---> new File: D:\storedtoppycaptures2\STINGERS-1.m2v

--> MPEG Audio (0xC0) on PID 0x2BC
-> src_audio: MPEG-1, Layer2, 48000Hz, dual, 64kbps, CRC @ 00:00:00.000

A snippit just taken from 99 in Sydney, demuxed with projectX


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