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i went out on the weekend and purchased the 160gig hdd/dvd jvc recorder. HN has it marked as $1749 with retail being $1799. i ended up paying $1510 with a 3 pack of dvd-ram (budget ass jvc cant even give you 1 free after paying that much). i seen it on some website for around $1400 but $1500 was as low as they would go. As with most reviews of dvd-rec's you really do need to read the manual front to back and upside down. the menu layout is real nice and the quality of recording is amazing. the one good thing which is does that the sales man said it couldnt was have my foxtel digi UEC box pass s-video into AV-2 and have it output component. after setting some timers and having the uec auto tune to record to the hdd and then burn off onto dvd-r successfully i can see the mh30s and myself will become good friends.

one problem i have tho is with my AV-1 input. I have my kaon hdd stb connect via scart to scart and audio going via optical out to my jvc 6.1 surround sound but its seems to be out of sync. is this normally an issue? the video is too fast for the sound. i didnt have this problem b4 i connected it up like this. i havent been able to change the setting on the surround sound to correct this. any ideas how to fix this problem? also my foxtel seems to be in sync fine. and its out of sync on both audio outputs (the optical one from the dvd-rec -> surround sound and the stb -> surround sound.)

anyone wants anymore info on the mh30s just let me know and ill attempt to answer it.

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can you perform high speed recording from hdd to disc after editing or with playlists??

i havent editted anything as of yet. but it doesnt say anywhere that once you edit the video file you then can no HS record that too a dvd-r.

Also does the scart output support RGB ?

no RGB sorry, composite, s-video and component.

one thing which is annoying me is when it finishes recording timed program it will turn off the dvd-rec. in turn which will turn of the s-video to component converter. it will show a pass-thru signal but as s-video and displays purple on screen. when the dvd-rec turns back on to record another show it hasnt been turning back on the converter for some reason. i havent done much testing as of yet.

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Retravision at Chatswood have these for $1,399 if anyone else is interested.

that sucks, i called my local retravision and they said theres was 1749 same as HN. i knew they would sell for around 1399 somewhere. sucks to live in canberra.

It might depend on the Retravision in Canberra. I recently got the Belconnen store to knock off 20%+ on a plasma based on:

I would pay for it on the spot

I knew the going prices via this forum

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