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Ten Guide Overscan?

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there update is avalable from the teac website. stb.teac.com.au

Yes but overscan is normally done by the display device (ie the TV or Plasma). However with a Teac STB DVB 350 when setting it to zoom a 4:3 picture on a 4:3 TV there would be more overscan when the picture was coming through the STB than through the analogue TV tuner in the (cheap) TV set. There could have been more overscan applied to the AV inputs. All the high end widescreen TV's I see at the shops seem to have excessive amounts of overscan. I'd say you don't need much more than about 3% overscan.

That's one reason why HTPC's are good as you can compensate for this overscan by underscanning the picture (without having to enter any service menus) and then being able to see more of the picture.

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