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Solution to FusionHDTV error when overlay in use

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I just learned something by playing around with the new 3.0beta1. Most users would be aware that if video overlay is in use when you attempt to come out of silent mode, you get an error. At this point, I’ve always thought the program required restarting. This was a bit of a nuisance, because it also meant having to manually increase the priority in Task Manager again, to avoid file corruption due to high CPU usage by other programs. (I haven’t figured out a way to automate this, by the way, so please tell.)

Well, if you start recording something, it miraculously recovers. You can then simply cancel recording; it beats restarting. If anyone is still using the 2.70 version, please tell us if this solution works for you.

Start FusionHDTV first when overlay is not in use (as this solution cannot be used at this time). Press Stop to go in silent mode. Play some video with your choice player (WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc) or another DVB card to use the overlay. Then come out of silent mode by pressing Play. Dismiss the two error boxes that come up. Close the offending user of overlay, then use my technique. Cheers.

Note the differences in the way DVB-T cards handle overlay-in-use conditions, which will help when running a multiple card setup.

- The NOVA-t makes a great background recorder in VMR9 software rendered display mode, because it has no impact on other applications using video overlay.

- When the VisionPlus has Hardware Acceleration (DxVA) enabled, it falls back to software mode when overlay is not available.

- The Nebula gracefully waits for overlay to become available and can still be used to record, but won’t display anything.

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