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Guest henry1503559848

Have purchase a LG (RT-42PX10) Plasma and a LG (LST-4100P) High Definition Television Receiver. I have connected everything up and my antenna points towards Knights hill. I started to notice that the screen size was incorrect on Prime Wollongong, eg top and bottom of the screen is missing. I found out using the information button on the HD RX that all of the 5 main channels are broadcasting on SD and at 576i. I bought this package as I was informed that HDTV was the best way to go on DVI at 1028i. Now I have to revert back to component video out of the HD RX at 576i instead of using the DVI cable. Is wollongong going to change to HD at Knights hill or is a problem because I'm still using a standard antenna. Any info would be great.

Also is it worth updating the firmware and why? Currently have Rev 1.1 LST 1.00.05 dated 6 Aug 2004.

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