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Can't receive SBS or Channel 10

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I'm new to this digital TV stuff, so bear with me :blink: I just setup my new Thomson HD box to my Sony HD RPTV, and set it to auto tune for channels. The problem now is, I can't seem to receive channel 10 (channel 11 wasn't it?) or SBS (12?). They simply don't show up on the channel list. Also, the signal to ABC is also really bad. It doesn't lock on properly. 7 & 9 both seem to work fine.

I live in the Sydney inner west in a relatively new estate, so the antenna shouldn't be a big problem :P

If i left out something you need to know, just tell me. Hope someone has an answer. Thanks.

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Do you live in a house with your own antenna? Or do you live in an apartment block with a common antenna? If your answer is the former, then you either live in a difficult TV reception area, your antenna is not designed for the channels you are trying to receive, or your STB is s***

If the latter, then it is possible the head-end processes the analog signals but not the digitals. In this case, you will need to contact the BC to have the antenna system upgraded to digital.

Back to the former:- are your analogs OK? If not, your problem is likely to be a TV signal quality problem.



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Yes, analog TV is perfectly fine, albeit with a little ghosting on 7. I live in a townhouse with a shared antenna. The antenna should be relatively new (installed in the late 90s?) and it is picking up both 7 & 9 (both SD & HD) fine. As for my STB, it is a brand new Thomson 1500 so that shouldn't be a problem. What puzzles me is that 7, 9, 10 and ABC all have their transmitters in a similar area (Artarmon), but the channel search will not pick up SBS or 10. It can pick up a very weak signal for ABC, but it seems to be unwatchable. Should I try rabbit ears?

EDIT: Signal strength for most of my channels seem to be extremely low :blink:

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Same here, just got me a new Thomson 1500, displayed on a Panansonic 42' plasma.

But I INITIALLY had the Channel 10 HD available, then at the same night I got a "signal lose" and was NEVER ABLE to get it back again!! tried to scan again "n" times, but never got any channel 10 again!! Sometimes even SBS would Disappear AS WELL!!! :blink:

Whats EVEN more weired is that, I had a Thomson 500 SD STB one week before, and All I could get was Channel 10 and ABC??!! :P

If someone knows if it was my HD STB or Antenna's problem(I live in a Unit) plz give me advice should I exchange............

P.S I Also live in inner west region of Sydney.

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I suggest you go to the Sydney Viewer's Forum on this site.

You need to know if the STB is trying to receive Artarmon or Kings Cross.

The numbers shown on the front of the box are logical channel numbers.

you need to know what real channel numbers are being received. This is usually shown in the installation displays


Analog 46 58 49 52 55 Requires a band 5 antenna

Digital 30 34 48 33 45 29, 35 requires a band 4+ antenna


Analog 2 28 7 9 10 Requires a band 1-4 antenna

Digital 12 34 6 8 11 29, 35 Requires a band 3 & 4 antenna.

It would appear from what you say that the antenna is not designed to receive channels 11 & 12 which has been common.


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Thanks "alanh", I sorta solved the channel problem, right now channel 10 is only be available at day, at night when mostly the movies are on I still get "loss of Signal"!!!

Another major problem!! Audio drop outs on my Thomson!(only when using digital output), I read through some post in this forum who has the simillar problem and are considering a new firmware upgrade, gonna look more into it. :blink:

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