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Toppy 5000PVRt newbie Qs

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Hi all,

Reading all the positive posts here, I finally bought the Toppy on the weekend! Everything seems sweet but I've had occasions where the reception (Channel 7) had momentary glitches (pixel breakup and audio pop). I think I've read there were such issues with earlier units but mine has the latest factory firmware (Apr 04), so could someone please explain if it's the Toppy or my antenna or this happens every now and then with DTV STBs anyway.

On another note, why is the FF/REW speeds different? Are there any updated firmware/TAPs which improves on these such as faster FF/REW speeds and user selectable Jump interval (stuck with 30 secs)? I find the Jump Forward is more useful and faster (even at x6) to navigate than FF. BTW, is there a similar Jump Back button (not bookmark)?

Also, the FF/REW playback picture doesn't seem as smooth as could be (IMO) compared to HDD/DVD recorders I've seen. Could this be because it has a smaller video memory buffer?

Your help and opinions on this would be much appreciated, thanks.

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All those questions get asked weekly, just do a quick search on these and the http://www.topfield-australia.com.au/ forums for the answers.

If you want a cool +3min jump, and -10secs jump back, then get AndyCullens ProgressBarKeys TAP. Certainly the yellow button does +30secs out of the box, and the blue button -10secs when timeshifting, but Andy's TAP adds -10secs for all circumstances (timeshift, recording and timeshifting, pre-recorded playback), and the +3min jump is much much handier than a quicker FF.


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