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Bad signal in Brisbane south side

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Is anyone else in Brisbane south-side getting a really bad signal? My FusionHDTV has always worked without signal related problems but I'm now getting periodic pauses and frequent blocky streaks running through the picture. (I had to change from using the VxDA video decoder to the CPU one because the VxDA decoder dropped all bad frames and I'd get constant pauses instead.)

FusionHDTV's signal strength displays shows all the stations in the high to low 90% as it's always been. The analog TV capture card that's in the same computer and receiving signal through the FusionHDTV card's pass-through port shows a clean picture. Nothing has really changed with the computer since last night when I was watching DTV without problems. (Except maybe the heat.)

I tried turning off electricals that aren't normally on such as fans and air-con but that didn't help. The problem exists in the same way on all stations. Any ideas?

It may be related to DrP's post "Seasonal time based interference".


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