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Get out of Fox Contract FREE

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If you're locked into a Fox contract you want to get out of here's what you need to do:

They just had a price rise, so you have 30 days to cancel without penalty. This is because the price rise is not linked to CPI or anything, it's just a random price rise.

Because they changed the contract, you can get out of it with no penalty.

All you need to do is call the operators in Bombay and explain to them that you'd like to cancel the contract, and they have to do it for nothing.

If you've already paid that month, they have to give you a pro-rata refund as well.

Just a little info that Fox WON'T ever tell you about......

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This clause is buried deep within the Foxtel Digital T&C - you need to look fairly hard though.

However, this has changed from what used to apply under Analogue where a price rise didnt mean get out of jail free - it only meant that the price that you signed up at was frozen until your contract ran out

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