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In ceiling/wall speakers

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I am looking for some in-ceiling speakers.

I am not expecting true audiophile sound reproduction - but as these are for a rear-left and rear-right speaker setup I am not overly concerned.

I have found these: http://www.tdj.com.au/cgi-bin/studiolist.cgi?list=50105 are there any other brands/retailers in Australia that you guys can point me towards?

I am open to suggestion.


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Thanks - will have a look at them.

As for the fronts, at last count, they were going to be these:


My wife has the musical ear, and after listening to about 20 sets of speakers - she liked these the best. I am not sure exactly which model of the omni series they will be, it depends on budget.

As for receiver, it will be one of the many many options that sit in the $1000 range at the moment. I have been reading several threads within these and other forums and I haven't quite decided. I like the Denon 210X range but I am still unsure.

Thanks for letting me know about the B&W's they have also let me towards AAron who also make in-ceiling speakers!

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Boston Accoustics in-wall/ceiling speakers sound great & check out Harman Kardon AVR330 7.1 RRP $1299 w/mulit room etc. Worth a look. Cheers.

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