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Channel 7 gone?

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I've got a Toppy and another box... both receiving 7 off of Tamb.

I had a prob of not receiving certain channels when I first got my toppy. The signal strength wasn't strong enough to make it to the second tuner, so I could only use the first tuner. Try checking to see if your viewing on tuner 1. I fixed the problem by whacking in an amp.

Steve :blink:

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I'm in Currumbin, 300 meters away from the Currumbin Tower...but pointed to Mt. Tamborine due to tree's being in the way(for the anolog signal). 

WOuld there be any point in reporting it to Seven? Anyone know the number?

Yep, it's the classic problem of the two transmitters (Tamborine and Currumbin) getting out of time sync. If you live near one, but get your signal from the other, and they loose sync, then you loose signal integrity because they both use the same frequency. I haven't been able to get 7 from Tamborine for almost a week now (and I live right near Currumbin). The RF signal strenght is 100% but the digital signal integrity is 0% (same for both Topfield and Strong STBs).

There's a pretty good description of how SFNs are supposed to work here....


Fortunately I can get Ch 7 from Mt. Cootha via VHF, nothing on Currumbin Hill can interfere with that signal.

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