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Topfield 5000PVR - not picking up ch. 7

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I'm on the Gold Coast, QLD. I've had my Topfield 5000PVR for just over a month and around 4-5 days ago Ch 7 stopped working, just got no signal message.

Today I had an antena guy come around and check signal strength..he installed a mega booster on the antena so now all chanels report as ok on his signal strength tester which is Digital TV capable. His scans reported Ch 7 and Prime as ok, passed the test. I still didn't get 7 and Prime so I did a factory settings reset....did a channel search and it didn't even pick up any of 7's channels...I've scanned around 6 times today and tonight(called Hanex in Melb and they said it can happen sometimes during the day because the stations aren't broadcasting the proper information with the signal. He said to try during prime time..I did and still the same.

Antena guy said it could be that I need to return the box so they can reprogram the chip/motherboard..said it might not be encrypting the signal and thus not picking it up...anyone got any ideas???

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