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Bad signal quality on channel 10

Guest benk78

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Im getting bad signal quality on channel 10 but good signal strength. It seems to fluctuate throughout the day but when its bad I get the pixelated displayed and audio dropouts. Sometimes i get no signal at all. Is this a problem with the attenna? Im renting a flat and the antenna is shared with the other flats. I have a LG digital set top box.

Channel 9 and 7 are fine but channel 2 seems to suffer sometimes as well.

Im in Brisbanes west.

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This is a classic case of an old antenna which is not designed to receive channel 11 & 12. Channel 11 is digital 10 and ABC digital is on channel 12.



Hills SMX14 B4+ B3, 6-8 dB; B4+, 8-13 dB or

Hills SMX24 B4+ B3, 7-9 dB; B4+, 8-16 dB


These antennas will not receive analog channel 2. This will reduce the chance of interference from power mains and car ignitions.

Feed the STB separately. Leave at lease 1 m between it and any other antenna.


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Hmm very strange. I fixed the problem by moving the antenna cable around and up in the air so its draped over the TV A/V unit. Im not getting any pixels on any channels now. Channel 10 and 2 reception is fine and signal quality is close to 100% Must be a dodgy antenna cable?? Im too scared to touch the cable now in case I stuff it up!

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