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Projector recommendations re-light

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Hi all , am looking to replace my 76cm with something a bit bigger.

Have looked at plasmas and rear proj, but both have flaws for me in pic quality and size.

Am looking at front projectors now but I have my setup in my living room and really don't want to black it out.

Reason being that I want to use the pj as main tv too.

Room is not real bright but not dark either.

Have found a few high output projectors like Mitsubishi xl8u 2000lumens, but yet to see it.


This projector and a hpVP6120 both seem Ok in specs I have found but not a lot of connections.

Not a lot of mention of these projectors in here it seems.

Also to look at Benq6200 ?

I assume something like pana ae700 would just be not bright enough?

Anyone able to give me some guidance, especially someone with similiar situation.

Thanks Peter.

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A projector isn't something you want to use as a main TV, turning on & off all the time isn't good for the globe, a average projector globe in good running conditions should give you between 2000 - 4000 hours life, compared to plasma of about 20000 hours to half brightness.

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I wouldn't (and didn't) opt for a PJ for general viewing. My 76cm remains below my 92" screen for "general and casual" viewing. The PJ fires up for quality drama, movies and special events, maybe 10 hrs/week.

I did watch Bathurst without blackout, but I needed some control of direct light and adjusted bright and contrast up to compensate, but with some loss of PQ on the Panny 500, but I wouldn't want to watch all TV this way.

Best of luck,


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Its hard to say without seeing the room. Perhaps do up a sketch with the light entry points, type of "curtain/blind" etc?

Overly bright projectors can be annoying in full dark as they are "too" bright and often blacks suffer as their black floor is not as good.

A for using it as main TV, i can't see why not. I do.

I kept my 76cm WS for 3months and it didn't get turned on once, so i sold it :blink: Tis funny when people ask (ie TV etc) i just say i don't have a TV or VCR or DVD player.... im no lying hehe (ok HTPC has DVD player i guess)

Yep bulbs may last 4000hrs, and a Plasma 20,000 but a TINY plasma is still $$$$$$$$$$$$$ more than a PJ that matches/beats it PQ wise.

My PJ over 1 year ago was $2000 AUD, now i'll get 2-3 years bulb life at $600/bulb. To match what even a "decent" 42inch plasma was its gonna be 10 + years of use..... in which case i doubt i would have had the same plasma or projector anyways.

Now an 86inch plasma............ how much are they??? bahahaha

Even 50inch is damn pissy in size..... 60 is probably accepable but at stupid $$$$$. Might as well build an extention on the house with a dedicated Projector room :P

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i agree wholeheartedly spoonfed 2k on projector and the rest on some quality componets and well your in buisness

my ht room is now enjoyed by everone who enters

sure the plasma hd , but im not shelling out 6-8-10 k for 50inch76 screen

now big events on the screen thats were its at for me my ht room has high levels of light but i use venitians and heavy blockoutcurtains mainly for accoustics rather than light control and all is good

and by the way when i do sit down to watch somethig its generally during the night anyway

do the sums yep probably about 80 % right

so the light issue isnt really a factor


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