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Force PVR - Australia Terrestrial 5 or 7 series

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Hi there, thanks for the feedback. The Topfield does sound like a winner and it's definitely at the top of my list (although some people do like the lastest Strong unit). I guess there are going to be advocates for differeent units depending on their preferences. I have come across a new STB PVR by Force (a Danish company I believe). There is a little article on the products news page at the DBA web site


and check out the official link and let me know what you think (the 7series). It's a twin tuner and seems to have the same featuress as the Toppy plus a 160 gig drive and the ability to copy files to a computer but I don't know if it can be done via USB like the Toppy - there is mention of a serial port. The unit looks pretty sweet.



Kent :blink:

An 80GB 'Series 5' FORCE single tuner version is available at HN, and presumably elsewhere.

It occurs to me that its SCART connection when set to component out may give better PQ than the Toppy in that mode (which is what my widescreen tv requires, rather than RGB), and the Force unit would be cheaper than a twin tuner 80GB Toppy.

Force appears to be a large Danish firm. However I have been unable to find any review posted on Force 'Series 5' models, in English.

Has someone come across a review of a Force model, or tried one out themsleves?

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Transfer of data to PC would appear to be done via Firewire id guess. Cant think of another reason for a firewire port on a digital pvr. Would be interested in seeing what these reatial at, and also if you can record two shows at once ala Topfield or if its like the Opetntel and can only record on one and watch on another. The dual tuner market certainly is hotting up.


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