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Domestic Disturbance movie & general PQ question

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Hi, for those in Melbourne last night channel 7 showed the movie Domestic Disturbance on their HD channel. First question, how can a HD movie be showed in the 4:3 aspect?

Last question relates to the digital channels and when I have experienced since I have had digital. Sometimes while you are watching the voice will be out with the video. That is you will see someone moving their mouth to talk and a very short time later you hear the words, this could be referred to voice sync. Does anyone know why this happens.?

Panasonic TX-86PW200A TV

Panasonic TU-HDT104A STB

Thanks guys

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I'm not sure about HD being in 4:3, i suppose 567p is a 4:3 HD format. Or maybe the black bars are just added to the sides to make up the whole picture?

As for the sound being out of synch, it's most likely due to the software on the STB. I had 2 models of Teac STB's, one of them never had voice out of synch with the picture, but the one I have now (DV-B420) sometimes gets out of synch when you first change to a channel, but then the picture skips a few times until they are both in sych.

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