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avermedia dvb-t application where?


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It's all in the file, drivers + application. Actually the driver seems to be always the same, and only the application changes.

The global site only offers me a file called winxp.zip and it is only 64K in size, just drivers.

If I go to the UK site, it lets me download a 15mb file, but the software is 1.3.38. Which seems to be much older than what people are talking about here.

I downloaded the beta from this forum, and it fixed up some of the problems I was having. But I'm just wondering where the right place to download updated software is.

Am I going to the wrong place?

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Post by Gizmomelb, Oct 12 2004, 01:53 PM:

"I just asked and was told it's only temporary so they can add hardware encryption (no idea, I've asked what that's all about as well).

EDIT: ok something to do with encrypting the software so people can't hack into it. Jasoroony, might be worthwhile your grabbing the v1.3.59.1 beta and looking into it as you like to do with the v1.3.57.1, as the 'official' v1.3.59.1 due out later this week will be protected."

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