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Austar & non-active cricket

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We finally had the latest remote sent to us in the mail by Austar only to find that we still don't get active cricket. Active news yes, active footy yes, but active cricket? No.

A phone call to customer service resulted in an offer of either a backdated (older) STB or wait for new software to be developed.

How long? Maybe 2 weeks maybe longer. We elected to keep the STB we have now and wait.

I did suggest that we took the older model STB and that they swap it over for the latest model (which we presently have) as soon as the software issue was resolved. No no they said, that would not be an option.

So in the meantime we are without active cricket.

Well if you're monitoring this site Austar, I have a 12 month contract with you which expires in the New Year. I know I can get Foxtel re-installed no charge, so perhaps you might care to reconsider your own options.

I most certainly will.

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The test series from India is just a straight feed being done by Indian broadcasters TEN sports ,Zee and Doordarshan .

And the broadcasters wouldn't be interested in having a separate feed for stump cam during the matches.

Anyway I get to see it for free on C band satellite...

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Well this is the latest communication from Austar. It doesn't look too hopeful.


Dear Andrew,

Thank you again for your enquiry.

Dean has addressed the remote setup issue as we have to ensure this is done correctly first.

As you have advised, the remote is set up correctly, and as you are already aware, your box is being affected by a software issue which we are currently looking at rectifying.

I understand your frustration at not being able to use the service and your willingness to go to Foxtel to rectify the issue. We are looking at a fix, and although we don't have a definate date, it won't be too far away.

If I can ask you to bear with us a small while longer, it will save you the upheaval of disconnecting and reconnecting with new fees and so forth.

If you would like to discuss the matter further, we would be happy to speak to you on our Customer Service line as previously mentioned by Dean, on

132432 from 6am to 11pm QLD time.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards

Christina Post

Customer Service Specialist

AUSTAR Entertainment Pty Ltd


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