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Toppy 7000

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Or another option is there any possibility that Topfield 5000 will be able to be upgraded to HD? Not meaning by firmware but a hardware upgrade like a new chip, more memory or whatever is the limitation at the moment?

Not sure if this has been discussed in the past, couldn't find any threads...

It would be good if you could (for a fee possibly), that coupled with a hard drive upgrade and you wouldn't need a new unit at all!

Should I stop dreaming now? :blink:


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Bob...there is absolutely no hope doing that...

Actually Toppy went down that route initially and it was a miserable failure....well, the PQ was no different to the HD Dodgytec box...the whole box had to be re engineered so that it will have PQ worthy of the Toppy

If you want to see what is on the HD channel, record the channel and download and watch it on your computer, or burn it to disk....however, getting it to disk is a lot harder than learning to drive...I am still fiddling with it....I can do it and the result on the disk is stunning,(some pics are on the other forum) but it is very time consuming...I would have to say that some HD files I have written to disk and played on my DVD player and displayed on my Plasma, are the best PQ I have seen on my Toppy.


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Ouch =(

So basically they have to replace practically the lot, ie new machine!

I've got my LCD TV connected to my PC via DVI so looks like it's time to get a digital tuner card! Off to the tuner card forum area!

Was hoping to dodge the tuner card option, heard a lot of problems with the software, especially HD...

Thanks Foss, won't shoot the messenger :blink:

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This isn't the first post asking what price a product might retail for at some time in the future.

It's impossible to know!!!

It could be released in one month. It could be released in a year. Hard drive prices might drop, or there might be an earthquake that forces prices through the roof like the RAM crisis of a few years ago.

Australians may have increased their uptake of digital TV leading to larger volume sales and smaller margins, or Topfield might pull out of the Australian market all together due to slow sales causing potential purchasers to order them from overseas and mod them.

Asking how much they will sell for is like asking who will win the Academy Award in 2007.

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100% agree Toecutter. *Any* information regarding the TF7000, unless it is officially mentioned on the Topfield website, is just pure speculation.

I am glad I didn't wait for a 7000, the 5000 is perfect, and having had 6months or more of development and testing for the Sat version in Germany before the Aussie terrestial version was a twinkle in Topfield Australia's eye meant that it was a well developed product by the time we got it here. I can't say the same for anyone elses STB offerings, which all seem to be lacking in features or reliability.

I do think the TF7000 is going to be the bees knees, but I don't think it is going to be without some teething probs... but again, this is nasty speculation that may not be true!

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