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250GB+ for Topfield

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I'm considering an upgrade as I need the extra capacity and I wondered if anybody has gone bigger than 250Gb and if so what they fitted and at what price?


At Harris Technology there is a Hitachi Deskstar 400GB ATA-100 7200RPM 8Mb 8.5ms for $799. I'm not game to buy it yet... I could ask Foss for his opinion.

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It just isn't worth anything bigger than 250G at this stage for a number of reasons.

* extra current draw

* extra heat due to extra platters & current draw

* cost per gig is nothing like the 250G models

* extra noise

Obviously check the specs out on those bigger drives, perhaps they don't draw much more current, and aren't much noisier but I doubt it!


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Hi Tonymy01,

It looks like Hard drive technology hasn't advanced in leap and bounds yet.

i.e. more gigabyte per platter.

So a 400G drive will have simply more platters and heads than a 250G drive, hence increasing the power loading.

I can imagine a HD with more heads to be noiser (just like a bunch of people chattering in a small room)


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Hi...If you get that size drive, it is very hot according to specs...

it will have to be outside the box...That means that you will have to have a caddy.or at least a fan ..if you put the drive in, your warrantee is gone unless you get Toppy to put it in which I doubt they would because it is so hot... so you may as well have a caddy...so it would be best to have 2 or 3 smaller drives...

cost per gig is very poor at 400 gig better at 250 and good at 200...best with 3 x 250 or 200....for the same price...also you get to use the extra 80 gig from the original drive...


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