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Using DVD/Video with STB

Guest n720ute

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Guest n720ute

Can someone please help me? I have an RCA DVB-T TRC501AU STB and have it connected to a Samsung Syncmaster LCD 171MP monitor with a TV tuner, and connected to a LG V782W DVD/VCR combo.

I can receive perfect digital TV (ABC & SBS only avail yet) but can't work out how to have my DVD/Video woking when I'd like to use that. I do not have a SCART connection (none on monitor) just the audio/video and S-Video cables.

I would appreciate some advice.



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try one of these:


I personally have one and it's great - It'll switch just about anything, I even use the scart to switch component.

Spec's: (from the link)

This switching box will switch four systems:

1. Composite video and audio (the red/white/yellow plugs)

2. S-Video and RCA Audio (the round 4 pin plug and red/white plugs)

3. SCART - ALL pins are switched, so this will switch ANY format

4. Optical Audio via fibre optic cable.

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