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Hitachi 42PD5000MA Plasma

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Hi all,

Im Ryan and new to this forum (luckily a google search of a product took me here..kekeke), Otherwise i wouldnt have known such forums do exist in AUS.

First of all i would like to thank other members for posting such helpful info and reviews on different types of products relating to Plasma.

My mum has been bugging me to find a decent plasma for the past 2 weeks >.<

After some research and testing it out at a store, Hitachi 42PD5000MA Plasma stands out from the rest. And Pioneer (But so expensive)

So far i have found this place to be the cheapest?

Cabramatta/Bankstown Hifi:

Hitachi 42PD5000MA Plasma

Swivel Stand,

Speakers &


TOTAL = $6,499.00

After some more research, found out that DGTEC is not so good, so ill try talking them into changing the HD STB to a TEAC or HOMECAST HD STB. And ofcourse the price >_< im hoping to barter it down to $5,500, but i doubt it.

Well my Budget is $5000 - $5500

Do you have any other recommendations? for plasma screen, hd stb?

Okay the part that im really confuzed is;

Cables - Monsters, DVI, Fibre Optic

i dont know what to use? and what would you recommend to achieve v.good PQ or Sound Quality?

Much Appreciated, Thankyou



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Please add details (including brands and model numbers) of any sound system and other equipment that your mum might be using with it (eg. home theatre amp and/or speakers, DVD, VHS, Foxtel, etc). These issues can significantly affect the advice you will receive.

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Hey Ryan

Welcome to the forum

My recommendation would be the NEC42XR3W HD plasma over the Hitachi and in fact over all HD plasam's at the moment

Had a look at the threads under Widescreen TV regarding this unit i have just purchased the NEC after auditioning all HD plasmas on the Oz market and its a killer.

As far as HD STB's go i have owned them all and think Teac is the best on the market at the moment but 1 i have not tried yet is the Homecast which is soon ot change.

DVI connection to a plasma is the best connection at the moment

As far as Monster goes (Flame suite on) you can get just as good if not better for half the price.

Mate have a good cruise around the threads and you will find most of your answers with all the arguments along the way

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