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Teac DV-B800HD and Sony KVRH36M31 Problems

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Went to DTT for the Bathurst race tomorrow and other sporting events to watch with freinds.

Im running standard 3 rca lead component from the Teac DV-B800HD into my Sony KVHR36M31, as the Teac DV-B800HD didnt have the 5 rca type RGBHV outputs. JB hiFi had no idea where I could buy a dsub 15 to 5 rca type RGBHV cable from in Canberra.

Anyway got it home, here are the problems:

1. The image isnt fitting properly on the screen. At 1080i and 720p the image is sized wrong. At 576p its sized right but letterbox just is plain crap with a good size of the display screen not being picture - black bands. I cant find a setting that is geometrically correct that fills the display. This is all on the ten coverage of the tidbits for todays qualifiying etcetc. Im confused with all the settings between the format within the Teac (widescreen, 2 different letterbox) the Teacs different resolution settings (1080,720, 576, 480) and the different aspect ratio modes my Sony displays (full, wide zoom, zoom, normal etcetc). Ive tried all combinations and nothing fits geometrically correct while still using the available display space.

2. 1080i isnt working unless for some strange reason the STB is on for a period of time, then it will go from a blue no signal screen to normally displaying a picture at 1080i.

Will any of these problems be fixed by going to a cable that is a dsub 15 to 5rca type RGBHV component breakout cable? Anyone got any idea where such a cable can be bough in canbbera, at the latest first thing tomorrow morning?

Ive checked the Teac DV-B800HD website and there is no firmware upgrade for me to apply.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Well the TEAC support line had non technical monkeys who referred me to an "authorised service centre". Calling said place, was informed that they dont repair STB's and would simply ship it to TEAC.....Considering the whole problem is TEACs poor quality firmware that should have never been released to the public, I forsaw this ending up in weeks of delays - especially given that TEAC dont have a firmware upgrade released.

JB HiFi swapped it for a HyDef GR3200T HD STB. Much better.

However its got the v 1.3 firmware and I do have the lip synch problem that others were talking about in the Thomson thread. I am unable to locate a site to download new firmware for the Hydef..........any ideas anyone?

Can I flash the Thomson firmware onto the Hydef?

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