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TEACSTB: Extended Now & Next EPG?

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I have the DV-B420 also and would like to see the EPG's update automatically instead of having to change to the channel to update the now&next info.  What are the Extended EPG's for ch9?  Just more info or what?

From here... (Perth)


Multiple days, instead of just the current and next show.

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Not good so far, emailed them, but recieved this response

Dear Mr. ###,

Thank-you for having emailed TEAC Australia.  In relation to your query, model DVB420 supports only the now/next EPG.  The extended now feature is supported only on TEAC model ITVD500.  If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact TEAC on 1800 656 700 or through the email service.


Kind Regards


TTC Department

(names ommitted to protect the guilty)

Perhaps others that are interested in this might want to email / ring them and let them know.

Maybe they will do it if enough people want it.....

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