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Probably the wrong forum- but---A friend has a problem on Xbox running Evox Slayer . Seems the PAL60 setting was enabled in XBMP media player [ v2.4? ] under decoder settings. It may also have been changed on the Xbox dash. Now the programme/DVD runs , but shows a BLACK screen ( but the sound indicates its working ). Thus there’s no way to reset it. Its normally connected by an RF mod cable to TV, but also has operated from composite connector. Tried it on a plasma but it wouldn’t sync using Composite connection. [ TV book says it reads PAL 50hz ]. Tried it on multi CRT TV ( 2 NTSC settings ). No luck. I guess its outputing a PAL60 picture , but TV’s can’t cope with it????.

Can any expert out there suggest what the problem may be & how to fix it??

Is there any way to get the image back?? Is there some kind of cheap demodulator gadget that will fix it.[ ie convert the pal 60 to PAL50 so we can see the screen & reset it??] or does anyone know which folder the setting is held in so it can be altered by connecting to a PC. I guess it would work if there was some kind of connector ( & software ) that used Y Pb Pr component output or maybe RGB??HELP!!!!!!!!

Secondly , has anyone had any experience with setting up an Xbox to run as a HDTV receiver?? Apparently this is possible , as you can make it work like a HTPC.

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Secondly , has anyone had any experience with setting up an Xbox to run as a HDTV receiver?? Apparently this is possible , as you can make it work like a HTPC.

I can answer this for you. Right out of the box, the Xbox does not support HDTV on PAL. This is because at the time of development, HDTV for PAL had not been standardised.

However, if you get the x-chip mod chip on your system, it enables it although they state it has not been tested. I also understand that the Advanced Executer 3 chip will aswell.

This is why you cannot bey the Microsoft HDTV pack in Aus.

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If the PAL setting has been changed in the original M$ Dashboard video settings menu (where you can select PAL-50 & PAL-60), you have the following options:

a) Plug the xbox into a later model TV that supports PAL-60 and setting this back to PAL-50.

:blink: Grab a copy of the latest slayers disc (2.6 at the time of writing) and chuck it into the drive and do a "full rebuild". If the box has XBMP on it they it is loaded with a pre 2.6 slayers disc and you should upgrade anyhoo - XBMC is MUCH, MUCH better. You might want to FTP in and backup your save games before doing this though(TDATA & UDATA folders).

c) FTP into the XBOX with your PC any modify the appropriate config file(s) to change this PAL setting back. No idea which one.

Now if on the other hand this setting has only be changed within XBMP, boot the M$ dashboard and go to the save games area, you will see a listing for XBMP - just delete this and this will remove all XBMP settings, resetting to defaults - easy!

As for a HDTV reciever, do you mean to watch free to air HDTV? I haven't heard of this...wouldn't you need somekind of PCI/USB HDTV tuner card?

But yes, you can get HD (both 720p and 1080i) out of the xbox which makes games like THU and Amped 2 look fantastic - it's great for looking at digital photos on your HD tlly as well. Just order the xbox HDTV pack from liksang.com, switch to NTSC mode and away you go!

If you need more info or my post was of no help, I suggest you post to http://forums.xbox-scene.com/



Sony KVHR32M31

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