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Aver DVB-t

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Hi Guys

Look I noticed in the latest driver update that when doing the hardware test a a DxVA part now appears. I have only a 1.3 GHz Athlon and a GeForce 2 Ti so no DxVA and i cant play HDTV that well. If I were to get a DxVA card would i be able to play HDTV with my current processor (its just easier to upgrade the video card than processor and m/board) thx if any one knows.

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Guest Gizmomelb


yeah your CPU and video card are wayyyy underspecced for HDTV. A DVXA card *MAY* help you out, but I feel you'd still get some freezing/stuttering on HDTV. I've got an AMD 1400 XP CPU with a Geforce 4 MX440 and HD is mostly ok (7200rpm hard drives as well).

Best way - see if you can borrow a DXVA card, or buy one where you can return the card if you're not happy and give it a try.


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