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Tugun Blackspots

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Could anyone tell if the digital broadcasts are working in the blackspots around Tugun as my parents analogue reception has always been extremely bad and would like to get them organised with digital but I am in Melbourne and can't advise them.


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Digital ABQ (2) 62 SBS (3) 36 TVQ (1) 56 QTQ (9) 59 BTQ (7) 53 NRN (Southern Cross (5)) 43 NEN (Prime(6)) 65 NBN (8) 68 Spare 38, 50

Translator Site Albany Ave CURRUMBIN

The antenna should be a Band 5 and mounted vertically (cross pieces should point towards the ground)


Hills TMX18 B5 11-16.5 dB

Wisi EB66 Ch 38-69 ≤16.5 dB



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They live on the south side of the Currumbin tower in the shadow of the hill which is why analogue has always been non existent and I had heard that digital would have the same problem due to the cliff dropoff effect or whatever it is called.

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cliff edge or drop in simple terms refers to signal level which is weak with low C/N figure, it has nothing to do with actual cliffs/mountains.

I'd be surprised if they couldn't get it. TV is an more of a technical skill these days, my advice is have someone give them a digital signal test report first which shouldn't cost an arm or leg. A simpler option is go to Harvey Norman buy a STB and see if it works, if it doesn't return it and get the money back.

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Sorry for off-topic, TV4FREE did you also supply the projector and screen for the DBA info night two weeks ago on the Gold Coast? Tim announced that you were responsible for getting the RF into the building.

It was a good night. You were the only person that I didn't meet (out of those I planned to). It's hard when no one is wearing a name tag. Your sign was nice and prominent though.

(Been away for the last two weeks, so sorry for this off-topic and now out-of-date post!)



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