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Set Top Box - Now & Next Refreshing

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:blink: I have a Toshiba HD-S25 set top box.

It works fine with one minor irritation with Now and Next info.

When you change channels using numbered keys on the remote, the "Info Plate" data which flashes up (and fades way) shows incorrect or un-refreshed Now & Next data.

For example switching from Channel 70 to channel 90 will show 'Now' info like "Channel 9 HD Demo", whereas the actual show playing maybe something else.

When you hit the "Info" button on the remote the correct (refreshed) Now & Next data is shown on the Info Plate.

I contacted Castel with respect to the problem looking for a software upgrade. They stated NO software updates had been issued. Futhermore they stated that I was the ONLY person who had advised of this problem.

Are any other HD-S25 users having similar problems or is this unique to my situation/location (South Australia)?

Any clues or advice would be welcomed.

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It appears the Toshiba does not automatically update the EIT (Event Information Table) data stored in cache on a channel change until you press the 'info' key. Poor Toshiba STB software design ....

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