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panasonic box issue

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Just wondering if someone could offer some advice. I've got a panasonic QTR2140 STB and I seem to be getting linear lines on any red coloured image on the TV. This only appears when SD is being upconverted. Is this a known problem and is there anything that could be done about it?

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Hi piedog,

Answer to your question 1) is YES (it is a known problem)

Answer to your question 2) alas No - but the latest Panasonic HD STB, The TU-HDT104A (aka QTR-2150) does not have this problem, but does have certain other 'issues' you may read about, on this forum.

See here for more info about your SD->HD up-conversion via the QTR-2140 which causes the problem.

"Chroma Bug"

Hope it helps, and you are not alone on this one, as all the early DGTEC 2000a HD-STBs had the same problem also.


Jet :ph34r:

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