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no sound playing mp3 on teac 500 box

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Hi all, I'm using the Teac ITV D500 and have set up a basic appache server to access mp3 etc. I can browse to my mp3 collection via a 100 lan connection without issue. The problem arrises when I click on an mp3. I get no sound whatsoever. I have tried using simpleserver.www to stream mpegs and the sound on that works fine. I have also tried slimserver and that also works fine in that I can browse to the mp3s but again no sound. Sound is fine when watching digital tv. My connections for audio are as follows:

PC connected to ehternet via switch > I player optical out > Yamaha rxv 730 av optical in.

I have switched the amp to stereo, pcm but still no sound... Surely i am doing something fundamentally wrong here.

Do I need to play the mp3s via winamp running on my pc and if so how do I do this?

I have searched the forums here but come up empty...

Any ideas? heeeeellllllllppppppp

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Hi Saturated. Can you play music from shoutcast.com? Just browse to their site and click on an Internet radio station "Tune in" button - that works for me. The D500's media player works without doing anything.

Still no sound from shoutcast..... and when I go back to watching TV, no sound again... need to reboot the unit to get sound back oin tv.... mute is not turned on....


Well it's working like a dream!!!... needed to unplug the teac box from the mains and leave it for more than an hour...don't know exactly how long... must have cleared the cache. and it's going...!

Delbz, it's a pretty basic setup to get going if you want any info on what i did to get slip working... let me know


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