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What is LCN?

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Logical Channel Number. It is the number used to identify your TV channel, like 9 for Sydney channel 9 etc.

So you punch in the number to directly access the TV program of choice if you wish, I guess that is all it is saying.

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Think of it like your VCR's channels on analog.

You might pick up SBS on Channel 28 in the capitals, but you set your VCR so it is, for example, on Channel 1. LCNs work in a similar way, except the LCN used is determined by the networks.

Because digital TV can have multiple channels on the one frequency, there is a need to differentiate between those channels.

LCN does this. Therefore Channel 9 which is broadcast on Channel 8 in the capitals uses LCNs 9, 90 and 99 (and can use others it has been allocated).

So that there is no duplication of LCNs, all networks have an allocation of LCNs they can use. If your STB allocates Channels 350-399, then that network isn't transmitting an LCN and your STB is sending it to a default LCN (rather than leaving it out completely).

In regional areas where UHF is used, LCNs make life a lot easier.

So to answer your question in simple terms. An LCN is a channel number. Every STB has it (it wouldn't work otherwise).

Evan :->

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