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DVB400 lockup

Guest WildCode

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Guest WildCode

I've been having problems with my dvb400 locking up randomly. I rang TEAC tech support who said "there were no known issues" and gave me the address of their local service agent to take it in for warentee repair.

After only just reading the forums, this seems to be a common problem with all Teac set top boxes apparently related to poor signal quality during a channel change.

I also did ask tech support, and the service agent, about any firmware upgrades and both said there were none, but through this forum I found them on the Teac site.

I will not have my box back for atleast 3 weeks while it is checked, so you can imagine my frustration when I find out that tech support didn't know what the Teac reps on the forums do.

Will, if at all, Teac tech support be updated with the known issues, and their reasons, as well as firmare upgrades?

The other question is, now the box is in for warentee repair for an issue that seems to be common and not really a fault requiring warentee repair, will I now have to pay for the service agent for looking at it. And if so, what can I do about it since it was Teac tech support that told me to put it in for warentee repair.

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